#2 श्रितकमलाकुचमण्डल (Shrita Kamala or Jaya Jaya Deva Hare)

Alternate names

Shrita Kamala Kucha, Srita Kamala kuca, Srita Kamalaa Kucha, Sritakamala, Shritakamala

Updated Apr 2013

Context and Meaning

Following from the previous ashtapadi, this is an invocatory verse. While the last one praised all ten avatars of Vishnu, this one focuses on Krishna and his pastimes (one couplet applies to Rama).


śrita-kamalā-kuca-maṇḍala dhṛta-kuṇḍala e
jaya jaya deva hare ||dhruvapadaṃ||

bhava-khaṇḍana e
jaya jaya deva hare ||1||

jana-rañjana e
jaya jaya deva hare ||2||

garuḍāsana e
jaya jaya deva hare ||3||

bhava-mocana e
jaya jaya deva hare ||4||

jita-dūṣaṇa e
jaya jaya deva hare ||5||

dhṛta-mandara e
jaya jaya deva hare ||6||

tava caraṇaṃ praṇatā vayam
iti bhāvaya e
kuru kuśalaṃ praṇateṣu
jaya jaya deva hare ||7||

śrī-jayadeva-kaver idaṃ
kurute mudam e
maṅgalam ujjvala-gītaṃ
jaya jaya deva hare ||8||



  1. [HQ] Vidvan P. Shashidhar; Jhunjhuti (chenchurutti) Raga; Adi Tala (This song was tuned in this raga originally by Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna)
    Individual Carnatic style with no accompaniment. We would be wary of offering anything more than observation normally, but this is hands down the best version we’ve heard 🙂
  2. Ghantasala Venkatesvara Rao; Hindola(?) Raga; Adi Tala
    Carnatic style adapted to film, with a lot of manodharma
  3. Geetha Raja; Hindola Raga; Adi Tala
    Traditional Carnatic style
  4. Mayavaram Muthukrishna Bhagavatar; Bhairavi Raga; Mishra Chapu Tala
    Carnatic bhajan style


  1. [HQ] Sung by Vaikom Sankaran Namboothiri, music by K. C. Kalyanasundaram ; ??? Raga; ??? Tala
    MusicIndiaOnline Album Link
  2. [HQ] Yesudas; ??? Raga; ??? Tala
    Percussion milder than usual


  1. ???; ??? Raga; ??? Tala
    Odiya style adapted to dance; rounded vowels
  2. Dr. Shyamala G. Bhave; ??? Raga; ??? Tala
    Semi-hindustani style adapted to bhajan; sounds almost like Ayi giri nandini.


  1. Studio GND; ??? Raga; ??? Tala
    A hilariously innovative remix of an Odiya style rendering
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11 Responses to #2 श्रितकमलाकुचमण्डल (Shrita Kamala or Jaya Jaya Deva Hare)

  1. INDIAN says:

    Very nice blog covering a lot of information. I won’t agree with you on this “Individual Carnatic style with no accompaniment. We would be wary of offering anything more than observation normally, but this is hands down the best version we’ve heard”

    For the song ‘Jaya Jaya Deva Hare’, late Ghantasala’s song will be the best one among any others. His performance is simply superb, not only for his voice but also with his composed music!

    I thought It would be nice to share my opinion.

    Thank you!

  2. Mohan says:

    Thanks for your comment. Indeed, each version strikes each individually differently, and different aspects (correlation of lyrical mood to the music in tuning, technical excellence in singing, instrument melding, etc.) attain their peaks in different renditions. That is one of the main reasons we decided to make this collection. लोको भिन्नरुचिः !

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  4. In 1970s my immediate elder sister Sarada used to learn the Ashtapadi with her friends from a scholar in our native place Kallidaikurichi, though we did not have the Sanskrit knowledge. After we grow up, whenever I remember those different songs with beautiful meaning in lucid Sanskrit I wanted to catch it up again and read the above posting. Beautiful ! If possible , please post the text also. Thanks a lot.

  5. poo ja says:

    Another carnatic rendering

  6. Kamala Seetharam says:

    I like shamala bhave’s singing of Jaya Jaya deva hare ,when I sing along,it is very peaceful,mind will be calm,indeed very nice.thank you. I’m

  7. Hi, Thanks for the renditions, Here is another rendition by my music teacher – She is from Mayavaram :

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